Our Story

Founded by illustrator and educator Neesha Merani, PaperWand is a medley of creative workshops and gifts lovingly created to capture life's sweetest moments.


Like catching fireflies at summer's dusk, PaperWand creations are a way of making time stand still—if only briefly—to celebrate childhood's whimsy and wonder. They invite you to reconnect with your imagination and relish the big magic in little moments.

Full of creativity, our modern gifts and workshops are inspired by the most timeless of emotions: a little bit of nostalgia, an endless well of delight. We hope they inspire you to play, laugh, and make-believe a little more each day.

Following 15 years in the graphic design industry, Neesha embarked on a journey that led to her to become an art teacher, kids' book illustrator, nursery muralist, and finally, a creative mom to little ones. Each day of motherhood holds a new discovery. Afternoons spent blowing bubbles, splashing in puddles, and making wishes on dandelions nurture her and her children's spirits.

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